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Welcome to Freedom Arms! 

We Deliver Deadly Force

Freedom Arms is a family owned business operating out of Clayton, North Carolina.  We specialize in self defense handguns, shotguns, AR-15’s and firearms education. 

Our primary focus is on firearms safety and education.  Our Concealed Carry class is called, STOP  BEING A VICTIM and is taught  in  Clayton.  We assist all in developing skills and knowledge to effectively protect themselves and their loved ones; while keeping  in compliance with all applicable laws.  Participants are taught how to “stop the threat.”

Our classes help empower women, one at a time.

Next CC Class in Clayton is December 13/14 ; Call 919-886-GUNS or 252-314-6902 to reserve a space.

Once again we have AR15's in stock.  DPMS Oracles for $600.00

AK 47 Pistols 7.62X39 for $450, 

We also have a nice Colt Python for $1600.00 see it on our Facebook page

Some of our latest comments about the class:
"I enjoyed the class and learned more than I thought I would." Elizabeth

"Great class. Awesome presentation." Christin

" I feel confident enough I will be able to at least hit my target!  Thank you!"  Glori

"awesome class!" William

"Thank you! Great job." Tona

"Very informative and entertaining."  Gregory

" Great class.  Very professional. Humorous and moved along smoothly." Sam Jan 2014

"Awesome class. I hope to visit the class again, because the information is so useful and needed." Lorrie Jan 2014

I really appreciate the effort you have taken to educate us.  Thanks so much."  Kim Jan 2014

"I appreciate the class greatly.  I really liked the way you kept the class interesting and provided some humor." David Nov 2013

" I learned a lot.  Gun safety, laws and a chance to evaluate and look at home and personal safety with my family in thoughts.  Thank you 
for the laughs and learning."  Meredith Nov 2013

" No problems! Awesome teacher." Taylor Oct 2013

'the class was very entertaining and educational, and I am going to recommend it to several friends."  Patrick Oct 2013

"Very informative.  Easy to listen to.  Makes class enjoyable."  David Sep 2013

'Great class! Gives you the confidence and determination to defend yourself."  Karen Oct 2013

"ABSOLUTELY the most empowering class I have ever taken---Thank you!"  Shannon Mar 24th
Shannon, you get it, this is exactly what the class is about.  It was our pleasure having you with us!

"I am sorry I waited so long-best class ever."  Lisa March 24th

"I enjoyed the class, taught me what I need to know and the attitude I need to have." Robert Mar 24th

"Fun and interesting." Daniel March 24th

"The class was excellent! I've never been so engaged and interested, and DETERMINED about something.  Thank you.
Allyson Feb 24, 2013.  FA comment:  Allyson, only rarely do we have someone such as yourself that really stands out in the class.  Of all the people who have taken this class you are in the top 10.  Bright, intelligent, determined and a quick learner; you are one of the women who will not only protect herself and her family with strenth and determination, some day you will become a leader for our country (Sara Hupp).  Don't sell yourself short. Your ability to focus on your  shooting can best be described as "deadly"  It was our pleasure at FA to have you in the class. 

Dennis, -outstanding.  You are thorough and low key, emphasing the importance of what you say.  Very effective, I know I will not forget."  David Feb 24, 2013

"Love the stories."  Sheriak Feb 24, 2013 FA commnet:  Thank you for being in the class, great shooting.

"Remarkable class and a must take for anyone who cares to carry a firearm."  Tommy Feb 24, 2013.

"I thought that you were great and easy to learn from." Mike Feb 24, 2013.  FA commnet: the class is made great by the great people who attend.

"Very thorough; precise.  I enjoyed this class-Thank you. I will encourage friends and family to take this class." Amanda Feb 17, 2013.

'Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.  I really enjoyed the class.  I feel empowered to make a difference!" Jennifer Feb 17, 2013.  Instructor comment:  If the class helps you to become empowered then you truly got what the class is about.   It was great having you in the class.

"This class has helped me overcome some personal fear of handguns.  Your patience and clarity have helped me to feel knowlegable and able to protect myself and loved ones."  Lindsay Feb 17, 2013.  Instructor comment:  Lindsay, if the class will help you to protect yourself and loved ones then I am happy to be a part of the experience.

"This class was very informative.  Very polite and love the fact that he has one on one shooting, this made me very comfortable."  Kelly Feb 17, 2013.  instructor comment:  One-on-one shooting is the ONLY way we do this, ensuring your safety and comfort is paramont.

"The chairs are hard!" Sarah Feb 10, 2013

"I enjoyed the class very much.  Fun way of learning the information.  Never boring always kept me entertained."  Andrew Feb 10, 2013

"Good class.  Doesn't matter if your very experienced or first time to the gun world.  Nobody is judged." Ryan Feb 10, 2013

"Wonderful class, great information, instructor was very knowledgable and made the class fun, engaging and exciting."
Marlyn  Feb 10, 2013.  Instructor comment:  Thank you, we take a serious subject and try to make it enjoyable so you remember.

"Awesome class.  Taught well and friendly."  Jason Feb 10, 2013

'Class was awesome and the instructor was very knowledgeable. I would recommend this to others." Marlon Jan 20, 2013

"I feel much more comfortable with my handguns in my home and my knowledge of guns and safety." Kate Jan 20, 2013

"This class was very informative and easy to understand.  Time flew by. " Carol Jan 20, 2013

" Glad I took this class.  Very informative!  Thank you.  I remembered more by the stories (examples) you told."  Bonnie Jan 20, 2013

'love this class!!!!  Learned a lot." Karen Jan 20, 2013

" Very informative and educational.  It was an absolute joy learning in this class."  Doris Jan 20, 2013

" more step to making me feel more comfortable and confident handling a gun and determination to protect myself and my family."
April Jan 20, 2013...  Instructor comment:  April you get exactly waht the class is about, thank you for attending.

" Loved this class-it made me think critically and educated me about really important issues.  The material always challenged me and will continue to keep me thinking."  Kaitlin Nov 11, 2012

" Knowledge is power! I would encourage anyone who has a family, or loved ones to take this class.  Being a MARINE I have to say this class gives me a greater appreciation for the Rules of Engagement." Kenneth Nov 11, 2012

"Quite informative, outstanding instructor. Fantastic.  Every liberial should take this course."  Gary Sept 9, 2012
Instructor comment:  We hope liberials and conservatives both take the course

" Entertaining, thought provoking, educational class.  Observant, mentally sharp and likeable instructor.  Amy Dec 9, 2012

" This class was wonderful.  Your enthusiam and profeciency in gun laws helped me to absorb the information better.  You are a great teacher and have helped me to be a more responsible citizen and gun owner." Beth Aug 19, 2012

"You are awesome! I love this class!"  Amy Aug 19, 2012  FA commnet, and you too are awesome.

"Fantastic!  I am leaving this class more knowledgeable and confident.  You followed through with your promise to EMPOWER. I feel empowered to protect myself, home and family. You are a wonderful instructor and you create a friendly environment condusive to learning.  Thank You! I am already recommending you to my family and friends.  You receive an A+ from the teacher." Alison Sept 2012.

Note from Freedom Arms:  Great participants in the class who take the time to write a critique like this shows the quality of those who take the class. We are the fortunate ones to have a person like this in the class--Thank you.